Your Week 34 Preview


Summer leagues roll on! 

Tonight the crowd at Company Brewing gets to flash their worth. We’ll get to see how many more points Scrambled Eggs can stack on their 82-point, league-leading total. Or, perhaps Farts Anonymous will add enough to their 72 to close the gap. We’re getting down to the wire folks. Who will it be? 

Of course there is always Tunnelsnakes, who have 61 points and aren’t mathematically eliminated yet, but honestly, I wrote them off years ago. I don’t even know Soviets Can Wash In Dirt, Sir, but I like the 50 points they’re putting up. Then, there are others like Unidirectional Unicycle, Big Money.., and the Gentrifiers of Catan who are probably muttering things like, “it’s an honor just to play” and “Fuck this whole show”. 

But first, all those teams need to make it through tonight’s rounds. They’ll need to prove what they know about things like Household Chemicals, The Life and Works of Toni Morrison, and the film Easy Rider

The show is open to anyone, all you need to do is get a team together, or play solo if you think you’re a trivia heavy hitter, and get to Company Brewing in Riverwest. Once you’re there, you’ll want to order a Thousandfold imperial stout or, if you’re like me, a Cer.Voces dark mexican lager, and get ready for Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick to drop those 50 hot ones. The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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