Your Week 31 News

Players, let’s take a minute to discuss those scores at Company Brewing last night.

The scores were so good. We’re talking about scores like 29, 31 and 36. Then there were others like 51, 52, and 53. Can you even imagine being on one of those teams? So much pressure to squeeze out just one more point. Or getting to the end of the game and learning that you fell just one or two points short of a truly greater ranking. Maybe you should have tried a little bit harder in that Tulsa category, you know?

And let’s talk about the team that put up 93 points. That is insanity. And of course the team that banged down those points also delivered in the name category. I mean they called themselves “Donte Divincenzooey Deschanel”.

C’mon. No way. Sit down. Aww hell.

Names that good are few and far between. And I have to be extra thankful for that team name because it hopefully softens the blow of the next piece of trivia news.

We’re holding off on the virtual shows for the next few weeks. I’m looking for a safe location for an in-person Madison show, but it’s not working well so far.

As soon as I have a location, the word will go out. There are so many prizes to hand out and so many vaxxed hugs and high-fives to give. We’ll keep you posted regarding the future of shows in Madison, Tulsa and online. But for now, pack ‘em in over at Company Brewing.


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