Y’alla Playing Checkers While I’m Playing Chest

Sure, this is a pub trivia set up, but at its heart I think Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia is still just a game. I mean, I know Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick loves games. Wisconsin’s Hardest I love games. There was a time where we paid several people to run around the grounds here at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Global Headquarters, Social Media Click Factory and Portuguese Man o’ war Abattoir and Thus Breeding Facility, in a game we called The Second Most Dangerous Game

Anyway, we paid these people to run around. Maybe we let them splash around in Trunch Lake a little bit, and then every 6 hours an alarm would sound signaling that the hunt had begun again. Then we would stand on balcony and shoot the game players with water balloons. But the balloons were only like 40% filled with water. They also were about 40% flour and 20% canola oil. So when players were taken out, not only was their ego wrecked but whatever clothes they were wearing were for sure ruined and that slop wouldn’t come off for like six weeks. 

It was so gross. 

And I think our love of games really comes through in tonight’s show. We’ve got not one, but two whole categories about games. Then we’ve also got some 2020 Grammy’s talk and a very special Bamboo Harvester of Sorrow

I want to be proud of the fact that I just let you all have four category tips for tonight, but honestly none of that really helps. The best you can hope for is a solid team, a couple frosty pints from the Company Brewing crew and that maybe Nick will play some tracks from that Earth Rot album, Black Tides of Obscurity album that is coming out in March. The trivia starts at 7pm. I assume the rocking begins just before then.


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  1. Max

    Any trivia tonight (2/4/2020) at Up n Under?

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