Word on the Street

I haven’t been in Milwaukee proper lately but there seems to be a buzz about this week’s show. A friend of mine, probably Mel or Johnnie for the purposes of this story, said they were standing at the end of Wisconsin Ave, looking at the Calatrava’s wings, spread out over the Quadracci Pavilion and the Reiman Bridge, looking majestic as hell. And there were others there, talking about how they were in town for trivia and decided they would also take in this art. They also added, “We thought it would be bigger”.

Anyway, my friend turns to these trivia tourists and says, “I hope you weak-ass trivia tarts aren’t here to play Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia at Company Brewing on Monday Night. Because that show is not for some out of town, weekday warrior chump. Now, week day Wario, that evil MFer is welcome to play anytime. I mean don’t get me wrong, come to Company Brewing. Guzzle down some suds and grab a bite to eat, but don’t think you’re coming onto my turf, talking to my Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick, scoping my questions about the Fast and Furious franchise, or even current events. You really think I’m going to let you walk into my territory, have the most fun you can on a Monday night, and then go home and tell your friends and family about this Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia show…that’s Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Show Monday nights at 7pm at Company Brewing in Riverwest. C’mon blud, you know better. I’ll see you then.”

Anyway, the show starts at 7pm tonight. See you then.


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