Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia…The Legend Continues

Stalwarts. That’s how I would classify the Up & Under teams. These MFers are hanging in there through the good and the bad. And frankly, for some of the teams it’s never really good.

Take Who Pooped in the Pool, for example. Not only are they not winning, due to archaic laws and something called Brady Street Street Justice (Clearly this is from a time before Bamboo Harvester of Sorrow, or they would have just called it Brady Street Justice, or BSJ) they are locked into domestic servitude under the oversight of Lewis, until their rank improves. Consider all the laundry that has been done, all the lawns mowed and all the sidewalks shoveled by just this one team. It seems bonkers that they keep coming back. Yet they do. And last night they once again signed up for a week of housework by only scoring 36 points.  

Ahead of them, winning some sort of prize, it was Shiva Kamini putting up 44 points. Wet Dreamcast cobbled together 53 points and Trivia Newton John nabbed the top spot with 66 points.

Tonight, we’re going to get down with the oldies, pumping a full 50 questions of classics at Tracks Tavern. If you haven’t been to a classics show, it’s highly recommended. Even if you played a the show when it was in first run, you can still come back and play again. Sure, you might remember one or two of the questions, but chances are you remember zero of the answers. So get a team together, and come hang out with Celebrity Guest Host Andy Berg. And because the show is at Tracks you know there is going to be great food, a solid beer selection and a relatively cool waitstaff.

The show starts at 7pm. See you there.

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