What a Week!

Trivia fever is alive and well this week. People across the globe are super-hyped for the 2nd annual trivia camping trip to Astico County Park. It’s that one weekend of every year when Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick and I load up our trusty mobile trivia operation, pack the rig with with meats and fake meats, firewood and good times, and head to a place that is just far enough away from an urban center to support the claim of getting away. 

I’m excited to see what the numbers of the CoBrew delegation look like after tonight’s show. I imagine 70% of the players are going to make the journey to the park this week. And those that don’t will be stuck in the city, with the other simps, mumbling about how this place is over and all the cool people left town.   

So don’t be a mumbly, lame simpleton. When you see Nick tonight, you look directly into his dead eyes and you say, “I’m coming to Astico Park. I am ready for games and food cooked over a fire. Here is my payment of $10 per person, per night. Additionally, I will fuck you up in a bocce match.

Then, you’re going to want to settle in for a night of 50 questions and the usual Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia rigamarole. This week we’re covering things like Coins and Gillian Anderson and somehow, someone let The Simpsons out of the trivia tomb, so there’s a Simpsons category. It all starts tonight at 7pm atin Riverwest. See you there. 

And for those Madison players, remember to get your crowd-sourced categories to me for this week’s show. 


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