We’re still here

“Well, well, well if it’s not ol’ trivia poster Greggers sliding into the timeline like the MF hasn’t been MI-the fuckin’-A for a week.”

And that’s a fair assessment. I’ve had some things to handle. We had to take the Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia running team to its first ever contest. Did we place 110 out of 236 teams overall? Well, yeah. And did we also place 92 out of 197 mixed division teams? Again, yes.

Sure, we had some things stacked against us. The team captain for one. The dude in the tent next to us who just flew in from London on Tuesday and used his jet-laggery to bring down our talk about 9-11 truthers, Tom Delonge’s aliens, various apple cultivars and Dong Sheldon was another. But for a first showing, the WHT team kind of killed it. 

But all that is behind us. We need to focus on today. That means all you Milwaukee players need to start polishing your trivia shoes and get ready for tonight’s showdown at Up & Under

If you’re new to the Up & Under show, you’re going to want to know that yer boys Celebrity Guest Host Andy Berg and Lewis, a man who opted to sit out the Global Climate Strike because of the weather, are coming at you with 50 solid question. Of course there will always be the standards–Current Events, WTF and Wild Card. But, you can also expect categories like The Rare and Endangered Fauna of Wisconsin, WWII Conspiracy Theories and Know Your Magrittes

Damn, that sounds like a really solid evening. If you want to get in on it all you have to do is be at the Up & Under on Brady Street tonight. The show starts at 7pm. See you then.  


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