Week 49 Recapper


There was a lot of hullabaloo at Glass Nickel Pizza last night. Like a man can’t wear bangs and without a room full of people giving him shit for it. I mean Neil had a new haircut. No one asked to take pics of him with his little boy hair to send to their missing team members.  

Neil and the Dern team went on to dominate the whole show. They won with an 84 points. Second place went to Neal of Fortune with their 79 points. TV Dogs played the drink ticket game well enough to push them up to 75 points, which secured third place. Spoony Bards tossed 67 points on the wall.

In the middle of the pack, Guy Fieri’s Dropped Balls played five drink tickets to end the night with 49 points. At 46, it was the two-person Clever Girl squad. Lady Posse was in the house. They kept telling me it was their night to win. They also kept saying “winning!” then as an aside they would add “Like Charlie Sheen. You get it, Greg? You get it?” They clearly didn’t win.

Good Enough didn’t win, but more importantly they also didn’t lose. They said something about, “At least we’re not Fuck the EFG.”

You know who is Fuck the EFG? Fuck the EFG, that’s who. I was fully on board with team. They’re funny, maybe even fun and I suspect one of these weeks they may make a run at a middle-of-the-pack or low podium spot. But last night it got all sorts of weird because Gale or Gayle or Ga-el or Gayel or G.A.I.L. started asking way too many questions about my kid. “How big is she? What size onesie does she wear? What’s her blood type? SSN? Have you put her in a bag and beat her to ring in the holiday season, Krampus-style, yet?”

India Pail Gale is weird as hell. Anyway, we’ve still got tees. We’re down to 1 black metal tee and 6 shoulda doubled shirts. They’re all Larges and each is $20. Get them while they’re hot.
See you all next week.

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