Week 43 Madison Recap

Sure, a couple pics of Gritty appeared in last night’s show, but I didn’t think that would be enough to set the place ablaze with the flames of chaos. Yet that’s exactly what happened.

Tensions were high all night. There was constant booing from the the back of the room, which is normal. Even before the show started, there was a call for a moratorium on Serial Killer categories. Then there were the demands for more serial killer categories. Then there were the not-so-passive-aggressive comments like “You know there are more than just five serial killers”, which lead to, “Maybe society just needs more serial killers”.

That last one was weird because Janet said it, then looked at me and did that throat-cutting motion.

There was Gayle, or Gail, or Gale, or Gael, or however it goes, and and her crew made up of Ga-el, Red Hoodie Man, Fresh Cap, Sport Coat, Newbs in the Infinity Scarf, and that last guy. They’ve shown up two weeks in a row and had the audacity to call themselves The Regulars. I have no complaints about this team, and I commend them for tossing themselves into the shit without hesitation.

By the end of the night it was Clever Girl with 34 points. “Everyone Vote, Dammit” Says Janet had 41. The Spoony Bards had 42 and Dern slumped out with 47.

TV Dogs, The Regulars and Neal of Fortune all put 50 points on the board. To break the tie, NoF flexed their Whiffenpoofs knowledge and seized second place. The top spot went to Good Enough, scoring 54 points and giving them another worst-to-first victory. Then they flipped their table and burned the place to the ground.

All in all it was very exciting and I can’t wait to do it again next week.


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