Wedding Wave Crashers

Madison, I suggest you spend a little time covering the basics tonight, because word on the street is this week’s show is brutal. We saw a Company Brewing team win with 63 points, then at Up & Under a solo winner emerged with even fewer points. Anyone who comes anywhere near triple digits is instantly going earn legend status tonight.

Since we’re discussing scores, I tossed out some wild speculation about who might win it all last week. I thought for sure it would be TV Doggos, but I completely forgot about Laura Dern and the High-Waisted Mom Jeans. TV Mutts didn’t even show and then Dern crushed the place with intellect. 100% madness. 


Now, you can throw all that history right out the window because this week Neal of Fortune is back and riding that wedding wave. But that wave has to break sometime and if you think you and your crew are the ones to do it, I suggest getting yourself to Glass Nickel Pizza tonight. As it does every week, the show starts at 7pm. We’ll be in the basement. See you there.

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