Up & Under Summer League Starts TONIGHT!

Fresh off a long weekend Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia kicks off a summer league tonight at Up & Under.

If you don’t know what means, here’s a primer. Tonight your boy Lewis, a man with an “I’m already against the NEXT Roseanne reboot” bumper sticker, comes at you with 50 questions. If, after those questions, your team has answered enough correctly to earn more points than any other team, you win. Then through the magic of mathematics he’s going to stack points on points on points the same way he does with spray tans–layer after layer. Finally a few weeks someone gets to be the league winner.

If this sounds like something in your wheelhouse or up your alley or even remotely close to your interests, you need to get a team together. Once you’ve assembled like Voltron, do a quick refresh on what you know about the oeuvres of Steve Spielberg and Ikea. Once you’ve got those committed to memory, get yourselves to Up & Under on Brady Street.

The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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