Up and Up and Up and Under

Listen up players and potential trivia heads, the Company Brewing crew kicked off what could be a pretty killer week of trivia last night. Armadildos took the top spot which is great news. And the Ol’ Teacher-ound grabbed second place, but I suspect they can do better. Tunnelsnakes grabbed third which is about right for that team. 


Tonight, we push the 50-question boulder up the hill to Up & Under where Lewis and Andy are ready to test the intellect of their crowd. Will a team at the U&U show break the 100-point barrier? Only time is going to tell, and those who show up to play are going to be the first to know. 


So get your team together and slide in to Up & Under on Brady St. The show starts at 7pm. See you then. 

AAAND if you’re looking for something to do to pass the time, I suggest grabbing one of these Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia tees. It’s for real the best Damien Hirst rip you can get for $25. Just drop some cash in the link: paypal.me/SlashGreg    

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