Trivia Love in the time of Corona

Madison, you gotta ask yourself, “if I don’t win trivia tonight, who will?”

Now let’s be honest. Neal of Fortune is going to win. They always have won. They always will win. But maybe you and your team can take second place. That would be really cool. 

Anyway, trivia is a weird as thing to be hyping right now. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it is a chaotic time. Sarah Palin was the Masked Singer, the release of Fast 9 has been pushed to 2021 and at a campaign rally in Michigan, Joe Biden told a factory worker he was going to come to his house and eat his whole asshole so mommy can watch. I don’t even know who doing the eating in that statement, nor am I sure whose mommy is watching. Nonetheless, trivia is on tonight at Glass Nickel

I’ll be there, ready to sling 50 questions your way. Tonight we’ll be focusing on the card game Sheepshead, the collected works of Ludacris and International Women’s Day. So if these seem like you kind of categories, and you don’t mind sitting in a basement with a crew of people who do spend a fair amount of time traveling and working with people in the medical professions, I suggest you get your rump to Glass Nickel on Atwood

Jake will be there running pizzas, pasta and pathetic jokes. There will also be plenty of Third Space beers to be had. My only real advice is to bring your own pen, or whatever. The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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