Trivia is Back-ack-ack-ack-ack


Like all of us, this time of quarantine has got me alternating between reflecting and burying my thoughts, feelings and fears by placing side bets while watching MFers play the NES version of Tecmo Bowl on Twitch streams. It turns out the Colts were not a strong team in that era and that Paypal will flag your account if you try to send one random person several stacks over several transactions in one two-hour window. 

That’s not even the real regret. People should know that during the last trivia show held by Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia–the last trivia show I hosted–I wasted the first hour playing a Billy Joel’s greatest hits mix, simply to see how long it would take for Spoony David to complain. 

This also prompted Good Enough to pose the timeless question, “What are the top three Joels?”  

And not that it matters, but the correct answers are Number three: a 14-minute live version of Goodnight Saigon into In the Middle of the Night from an 2004 impromptu live show at the Chowder House in Montauk. Number two is The Downeaster “Alexa”. Number one is probably something shitty like Movin’ Out.

All of that aside, Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick hosted a virtual trivia show a few days ago that was incredible. So you better believe we’re going to do it again. And maybe even better. We’re talking about maybe the biggest show we’ve ever held. 

We’re going to work out the exacts over the next few days, but mark your calendars for this: Wednesday night, April 1. 7pm central time. I specify central time because I’m talking to you Poughkeepsie Players, Bothell Big Shots, Minneapolis Maniacs, Wyoming Wild Ones and Bay Area Baddies. 

Wednesday 7pm. Wisconsin’s Hardest Virtual Trivia. Don’t miss out.


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