They are all dead

It’s a big Friday around here, as I was fully prepared to tell you about the excitement of the Glass Nickel trivia show, instead I only come with questions. Specifically, what happened?

I take the night off to attend a very important Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia meeting and I come home to zeros across the board on the score sheet and Instergramps comments telling me I missed “the messiest trivia” ever and that “Oh my god. Dead. They are all dead.”

That may seem menacing, but I learned a few things in the last 48 hours. First, begin inserting Quindar tones into your thoughts. Now re-imagine that first message, “[Quindar tone] You missed the messiest trivia ever. Over [Quindar tone]”. Way better. Right?

As for the second message, it makes a lot more sense if you understand there has been much Peter Pan talk in my house lately, and the revelation that Peter Pan is dead and simply guiding the Darling children to the afterlife because it was early-1900s London and children at that place and time were really good at dying.

So, to recap last night’s trivia show, Big thanks to Alex and S.Neal for running the show so I could got watch a band play music, every character  in every telling of Peter Pan is dead, starting adding bleeps, and the merch line was super slow and all the large, X-large and XX-large tees where sold out. What more can you expect from a stoner metal show in the midwest?

We’re back at it next week!


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