Them Very Holy Days

Greetings! And welcome to November. We’re talking peak Autumn here. The leaf peepers are gone. And the dried leaves that remain hang from skeletons in the deciduous forests, leaving the cold, unloving touch of conifers as the only beacon of life.

Ahh. but it is in this time, that we here at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia celebrate. We welcome the darkening days. And today, the first of November, falling on a Monday is truly magical. If you’re living right, you’re riding the costume and candy wave right into the local Samhain bonfire. And then, after your bare feet have communed with the earth for long enough, you run home to set out a french roll. If you’ve been good, or at least not a scumbag, you’ll wake up to a hot beef and giardiniers.

All that is great, and trust me that sandwich, kissed by the wings of St. Mothman himself, could hold you over until the day of the People’s Feast. But now we slide right into Dia de los Muertos. So you know Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick is going to be posting up pictures of all the trivia teams we’ve lost. Can you even imagine the gifts we’d leave for a team like Tunnelsnakes? A team that has been dead for years and yet still walks among the living? The gifts would be bonkers.

And then compare that to a team that we haven’t seen in ages. Something like 3 Guys on a Fact Hunt. I mean, I can only assume that team is dead because I’m not getting 35 emails each week about how I’m an idiot for claiming Zaha Hadid was a bolder architect than Richard Neutra. I get it, Neutra built on Frank Lloyd Wright’s concept of eliminating the distinction between indoors and out-of doors and gave us his signature spider leg. But now consider something like the Vitra fire station or, if your heart and brain can even handle it, the Havenhuis. And then gtfo.

Whatever, 3GoaFH will get Wonder bread as an offering.

All that said, Nick is going to be riding high tonight for Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia. He’s got 50 questions ready to launch, and there’s even a category about Dune, so you know it’s going to get good. All you have to do is show up at Company Brewing, let a couple snifters of George’s Serious Breakfast open you up to the spirit world and welcome November in the right way.

The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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