The Trivia Boys of Summer

Rejoice! Trivia Players! This is one of those great weeks during which we have all of the questions and answers written before the week even starts. I don’t want to say that after nine and a half years, we’re organized. But, we’re getting there. 

Perhaps it’s the chill vibes of summer that have enabled us to achieve this fete. But then again, it’s not like Lewis had his laptop at the beach. His toes getting little rhythmic smooches from the waves while he bangs out questions and crafts a moon landing conspiracy about how if you look at the reflection in the visor of Buzz Aldrin’s spaceman helmet you can clearly see Dick Cheney watching .gifs of September 11 attacks while jerking off with salt. 

Maybe it was Nick, really capturing the essence of summer and embracing the sun bleached streaks in his beard. You’d think by the looks of those natural, tropical highlights he’s been doing summer right. 

And what about me? You might think I’m milking every last moment out of summer, bouncing from cook out to cook out, with the top off the Jeep, skipping between tracks on the Soko album I Thought I Was an Alien, Ragana’s You Take Nothing and Destruction, Not Reformation by Book of Sand, a Coors Light Party Ball riding shotgun and just waiting to be cracked open. 

C’mon, you know trivia is an indoor sport. This week we put in the work and you’re all going to reap the benefits. Nick is kicking it off at Company Brewing. As league play rolls on, he’s bringing extra summertime heat with categories like Know Your Produce, Catholicism and Celebrity Vineyards. All that starts tonight at 7pm.   

As for Nick’s summertime look, I can tell you that with Sun In Tropical Breeze spray-in hair lightener it’s Sun In, salon out. He’s also stacked like six layers of bronzer on that skin.


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