The Season Enders Start Now

I hope you y’all came to party. 

I mean, it’s Thursday and that means trivia at Glass Nickel Pizza is on.

As my neighbor would say, “It’s on like this homemade bong. You expected me to make it from an apple, but I’m actually using a potato. I’ve found the starchier texture to make a more structurally secure weed ripper. I’ve also reinforced the bowl zone with this foil wrapper from a Cadbury Creme Egg I found waaaaay in the back of the fridge.”  

Then, he would take a big pull off it and say, “You know, they’re called the ‘apples of the Earth.”

Anyway, if you’re looking to have a good time tonight you know it needs to include Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia. This is our last Madison show of the year and that means it’s all about 2019 in review. Will we be talking about 2019 in fashion? Of course. What about cancelled TV shows? For sure. And you know there will be a year in books category. 

I mean, this is really the most important show of the year. Assuming I don’t put myself into another coma or land myself in the ER again, I’ll even be there. The show starts at 7pm, we’ll be in the basement. 

See you there.


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