The Return is Near

Trivia players, we are back full force this week. Much like the mighty Milwaukee Bucks or the Sir Damien Thorn VII of the Corporate Institutional Bank of Time, we came back. We were always coming back.

Typically, there is the tradition that when a trivia host travels somewhere that host is bound to write a category about it. But it’s not going to work that way this week. Certainly anyone who follows the trades knows Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick and I, along with fellow Mild Hangover Tuesday co-founder Klipsk, did a practice sprint for our upcoming Cannonball run, but what kind of questions are we going to build out of that?

Did you guys also expect Albuquerque to look worse?
Does this seem like too much rain for the southwest?
What does it cost to get a brake light kill switch installed?
Does Waffle House live up to the hype?

What was the worst part about stopping at the Uranus Fudge Factory in Missouri?  Any answer anyone would provide would probably be right.

These are all questions, but they aren’t Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia questions. Instead we’re coming at you with questions comparing albums and talking about fictional places based on real places. Like the way Oz, from The Wizard of and The Return to, not the HBO series, was based on Seattle. Or the way the Tarkus album cover was based on sketches Anjali of Ever Increasing Hardness kept in her childhood bedroom and had labelled “Cool RV Ideas”.

So if you want to get involved with this whole scene, which I highly recommend doing, you need to build your team and get your collective butts to Company Brewing in Riverwest tonight.

The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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