The Recipe For Trivia Success

We are deep in it now, players. Eau Claire Music School support week is upon us, so let’s take a look at the metrics.

There are rumblings on various messenger services, or chatforms, about new teams showing up. Will Eau Claire come out to support their local arts education crew? Will we, for the first time, have a repeat e-trivs champion with a name as glorious as Tits & Giggles? If Dave from Quaranteam/Socially Distant Family is currently “practicing” his Naruto run, how will he know when he has perfected it? How will we know? If a bottlenose dolphin wore a Covid-19 facemask, would it wear it like this? Or like this? 

Considering these are metrics we’re working with, it should surprise no one that it’s Nick and me over here, standing next to the industrial mixer, cooking up a fresh batch of 30 questions. We’re also using a facial recog app that makes us look like the former Cinnamon Toast Crunch bakers. You might think it’s hilarious but those fools haven’t been on the boxes, or on the ads, for at least five years. Times are tough. In this economy no one is looking to hire an elderly baker whose solution to everything seems to be “dump sugar on it” and who doesn’t stop talking about how when he started in the kitchen he was slapping all the butts. In his words, “A handful of sugar here. Maybe you grab a rump over there. Pinch a tuchus here. A little tush push by the bowl of mush mush. You know, the DEA, or the Federal Bureau of Narcotics as it was then, once paid me to bake a batch of Cinnamon Toast Crunch covered in heroin for Billie Holiday. Do you know how much sugar it takes to cover the taste of government grade junk? I do.”  

Anyway, Nick and I are keeping the temples clean-ish and will have the show ready to go for you tomorrow night. We’re serving it up at 7pm CST, and everyone is welcome. 

To register all you need to do is

  1. Support the businesses that have supported us for so long. Between April 30 and May 6, make a purchase from Company Brewing in Milwaukee or Glass Nickel Pizza in Madison.
  2. If pizza and beer isn’t your game, consider a donation. This week we’re backing Eau Claire Music School. Give them a push via their donations page: https://bit.ly/2yoZSVW
  3. Then get some sort of proof of purchase or donation to greg@wisconsinshardesttrivia.com and provide your team name.
  4. Tune in Wednesday night at https://www.twitch.tv/wisconsinshardesttrivia and get your brain scrambled.

If you have any questions or concerns about registering feel free to shout at me or nick@wisconsinshardesttrivia.com


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