The Peloton

In case you missed it, the Company Brewing live shows kicked off again last week and good god was it a success. Players who haven’t been players since they were pre-covid players were playing. Teams were reunited, scores were argued and Das Tunnelsnakes came out on top. 

And here’s what great, this happens every week now. 

Imagine it, every seven days your opinion can be shouted down and ignored by other people on your team. Sure, I know the answer is Ethiopia, but by all means, Young Karen, make the rest of this busted team put Africa as the answer. I can’t think of like 200 better answers than “Africa” to the question “The food of what country is most closely associated with injera flatbread?” 

So maybe it’s time you put together a new team of trivia heavy hitters, refresh your Tour de France knowledge, grab your pint-holding gloves and get your rumps to Company Brewing tonight. The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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