The Ol’ Milwaukee Redeemer

Milwaukee, I saw the roster and I’ve seen the scores from last night’s show at CoBrew. I gotta be honest, you’re not looking so hot right now. Sure, you could blame the host, or the people who write the questions, but I think we all know whose fault these scores are.

What a Hot Messopotamia barely made it out alive. They scored a paltry 19 points like they’ve been taking lessons from some of the Madison teams. Tunnelsnakes somehow cobbled together 36 points. And when I say cobbled I don’t know referencing a cobbler like Gramma used to make that was basically a cake pan full of trash-ass macintosh apples with some flavorless crust on top or a pair of dumb shoes made by Oscar-winner Dan Lewis. Best Viking Ever grabbed third place with 43 points. Scrambled Eggs planted their flag in second place and Like a Sturgeon took home the top spot with 63.

Now, Milwaukee, certainly you can do better than that. And your chance to prove that is just hours away. So hone your trivia skills and get your rumps to Up & Under on Brady street. Lewis, a man who demands everything he orders at a Dairy Queen be handed to him upside-down like a Blizzard,  will be tossing out 50 questions and as many as 50 answers. The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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