The Mid-way Point in Madison

MMMMMMMMadison, tonight we’ll cross the halfway mark in our Winter League. So, let’s run it down as it is right now.

  • In classic form, Neal of Fortune is light years ahead of everyone with a big timin’ 48 points. I think they could take several weeks off, come back for the final and only have to try a little to take home another victory.
  • Clever Girl is at 33 points and I suspect they will be taking the experienced, calculated path to the finish line. This crew has been around, they know how trivia works.
  • Portrait of the Artist as a Spoony Bard…ooooof. Listen, they’re in third right now with 31 points, but there is no limit (except for 31, I guess) as to how far this team can fall. This crew has been around, they know how collapsing, as a team, works.
  • Good Enough is sitting at 21 points and is watching the room hard. Not only are they ready for that Spoony Bard implosion, but they’re also fighting off heat from below.
  • Dern is sitting at 20 points. But I wouldn’t count these players out. They’ve been known to rack up a couple wins.
  • What Do You Call a Fish With Five Eyes? they have no real chance.
  • TV Dogs, provided they show up, should move up from their 18-point perch.
  • #1 Cat in America hasn’t been to a showin three weeks and still has a respectable 16 points.
  • Same could be said for Beelzebubbalicious.
  • Fuck the EFG, they were showing signs of greatness for a minute last week but I suspect we’ve got a real Jeremy Lin situation on our hands here.
  • Bitch Planet, The BGs, Nezzanator, Egg Roll Squirrel and The Janeways are all at five or fewer points.

So if you’re looking to boost those rankings, or just disrupt the whole scene, be sure to get to Glass Nickel on Atwood tonight. As always, the show starts at 7 and we’ll be in the basement. See you there.


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