The May Ender

I think we can all collectively wipe the sweat from our brows and get hyped because we made it through May. And last night, Madison sent the month packing in style.

Travis for Nerl of 4Chan kicked-off the show, because I had to explain to old people that Next Door isn’t a scam but that doesn’t mean it’s not a trash website that starts everyday with a casual dip in Lakes Racist and Hyper-Local Xenophobia.

The crowd last night was top notch, so I was hyped to be there for as much of the show as possible. I mean The Spoony Bards won, Clever Girl nabbed second place, Good Enough is moving up in the ranks, and a solo Dern tossed up enough points to send one team running by the end of round six. Plus, Amy (“Hi Everybody, Chef Amy here…”) baked me a birthday cake that we shared with the whole place. Plus-Plus, I was finally able to deliver the league champion tees to the last winners. That only took like 4 months. But they look fantastic.

Did I mention, my family was there. Yeah, Mother and Brother Hardest Trivia and Mila and MaLu popped in from Brazil to occupy the last place spot.

Did I also mention, the Glass Nickel Summer League starts next week. So I expect to see 8-12 weeks of second and third place finishes from the Spoony Bards.

And did I also mention Lewis successfully kicked off the Up & Under league. I heard hundreds of people were lined up on Brady Street sending the players off to what might certainly be the their emotional deaths. Trivia don’t fuck around.

Milwaukee, you’re back in action next week at Company Brewing on Monday night. See you then.


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