The Macy’s Day Before Thanksgiving Day Trivia Show

Time is running out, players. I mean, you still have like 7+ hours, but consider the age of the earth, we’re talking a few billions years and y’all are going to let your team registration slide until the last seven hours. 420 minutes. A stoner joke made on blip, upon another blip on Earth’s timeline. 

I would be upset but I also know tonight’s show still needs to be written. Sure, we’ve got Wisconsin’s Hardest Rifleman Nick coming at you with some category about turkeys, or “jobblers” as he calls them. And Good Enough has come through with their last place request questions. Will it be better or worse than Busted-ass Railroads From the Rich History of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula? Only time will tell but I suspect there will be more than one team that uses that round to go get another beer, maybe snag a couple more Nanaimo bars, or just crawl in the oven with the turkey.  

Sure, it might be brutal, but the name is Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia. It was going to be called Wisconsin’s Most Tolerated by Spoony Bards, but Nick, Anjali and Greggers Think it’s Hilarious Trivia, but no one is going to be happy with that printed on pint glasses. 

It’s also important to note that this week’s show is totally free for 20 teams. To register, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Email me,Greg@wisconsinshardesttrivia.com, and let me know your team is in. I will then send out Zoomiary information this afternoon. 
  2. Gather your friends and family, virtually I hope, but if you want to do it in person I can recommend a great Funeral and Cremation Service for the Milwaukee Metro and suburban markets.
  3. Make sure your team knows the team name and has access to the show. 
  4. Have fun. Maybe even try a little bit and win some prizes. 

See you tonight at 7pm.


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