The End We All Saw Coming

While so many of you were watching the Packers get worked over by the Philadephia Eagles and a costco sized pack of D-batteries, Neal of Fortune was at the Glass Nickel taking home yet another league championship. I should also mention that while NOF was training for trivia, I studied the blade. But that is something completely different. 

It’’s entirely possible you’re thinking, “Neal of Fortune? They win every goddamned time, right?”

And yes, they do. But this is not the Neal of Fortune you know. About a year ago SNeal began to fundamentally change the team. It started with the claim Caitlin was moving Minneapolis. But I suspect SNeal dressed her as Otis Redding, put her in a plane and crashed the flight into Lake Monona. Next, came the claim the Alex and Gabe were moving to California. And apparently to SNeal “moving to California” means dressing them both like Otis Redding, putting them in a plane and crashing the flight into Lake Monona. Next it was Zalchk, who was dressed like Otis Redding, put into a plane and crashed into Lake Monona. 

But here’s the thing, Zermk is a smart dude, he saw what was coming and as soon as he boarded the plane, he changed into a Travis Barker outfit. Then, when the flight went down he swam to shore, and moved to Minneapolis

Finally it Kathleen and Travis, who claimed to be moving to Upstate New York. Again Sneal lured them into one of what he calls “his crashing planes”. As a little twist this time had both soon-to-be-former NOF players dress as John Denver, because, he said, “you know, Travis…colorado…rocky mountain high”. Then he mimicked a smoking motion with his index finger and thumb, the way my neighbor does because he has yet to get on board with vape pens. Then he crashed that plane into Brittingham Bay, a variation on technique intended to show respect to ol’ Johnny Denz. 

Since then, SNeal has rebuilt the team with an even deadlier cast of trivia killers. We’ve got Devon and Elizabeth, who seem alright. Some tall man who understands my need for Sparks. Some other lady with glasses, a quiet blond man and Distant Eddie, who I think would stab me just to watch me bleed out. 

Anyway, they won. Spoony Bards nabbed second, Drink Tickets went third. Then with was Good Enough, Clever Girl, Dern, TV dogs and a handful of other teams. 

We’ll be back at it next week at Company Brewing on Monday night and Up & Under on Tuesday. We’ve got the Crowd Sourced show at Glass Nickel on Thursday and finally the second annual trivia camping extravaganza atOctober 4-6. 

See you next week.


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