The CoBrew League Rolls On

Dang, these league scores at Company Brewing are stacking up like accusations against a supreme court nominee, but instead we’ve got Nick up there, denying nothing. “Yeah I asked everyone those questions. Sometimes I whispered the questions in their ear and then prompted them to look down at my clipboard, where the answer was written. And if I thought a time was really into it, I would give them a prize. I would make them feel like my special team for a few days. I’d do it all over again. To all of them.”  

This trivia is slimy as hell.

Any team that wants to be Nick’s special winners this week would do well to do some research on topics like Invasive Species in The Great State of Wisconsin, Music that features a featuring act, and the work of Darren Aronofsky. Sounds like another bruiser right out of the gate.

One more thing teams are going want to do before the end of this week’s show is to let Me or Nick or Lewis know if you’re coming to Weekend in the Woods with Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia this weekend. We need confirmation if you’re coming, how long you are staying, and if you have any dietary needs/wants.  Honestly, it’s either this or everyone is eating veggie burgers, and using fancy beers to chase pint glasses full of tequila with me, Rob and Becky.

So get your night lined up, then get your weekend plans squared away, and finally get your tuchus down to Company Brewing in Riverwest for the greatest trivia in the great land. The show starts at 7pm. See you there.

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