What a week!

Am I right? The Company Brewing crowd just went deep with a crowd-sourced show and the Up & Under players are taking the night off to hit up Summerfest and I assume see Kid Rock or Benchpresser, or like Ani Difranco.

Meanwhile, I’m over here trying to scratch together 50 quezzies to blow minds at the Madison show.

Now, do I have most of the show written? Yes
Have I compiled some real killer questions regarding The Great State of Iowa and Famous Buses? Yes.
Am I hoping Tunnelsnakes will live up to their threat/promise of coming to a Madison show? Most certainly, yes.
Am I still struggling to write a Board Games category? This is also true.  

But I’ll get there. By Thursday night, at 7pm, there will 50 questions, 50 answers and countless opportunities for players to say, “oh, fuck this”.

So Madison players, ready yourselves. Steady yourselves. And prepare for a straight up trivia showdown on Thursday night.


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