Summer League Ender

Players, let’s get right into it. We’ve got league finals to play tonight. We’ve got prizes to give away, and I still have like 50 Bamboo Harvester of Sorrow questions to write.

Oh, you thought we barely eked out five and tossed them all righty-tighty-lefty-loosey-goosey on slides and called it good? You don’t think we come up with 50-100 a hundred of those bad boys so we can filter out answers like The Lion of Gripsholm Castle Doctrine or any of the 300 hundred clues I pitch to Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick each week that are all somehow connected to the famed Chicago-based doom metal band Bongripper? You are so very wrong. 

And honestly, the clue “Things that saddened my parents to find in my room and things my children will find in my office, which in turn will kind of bum them out” seems too niche even for Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia. 

Anyway the answer would have “A Jeenyus Snowboards Sticker Stuck to the Top Tube of A Two-Stage Bongripper’s Album Hate Ashbury”.  

Dang, that question sucks. I suspect 80 percent of tonight’s show will be better than that. To register, simply follow these steps. 

  1. Drop your registration fee on paypal.me/SlashGreg. There is no set registration fee, but half goes to the winning team’s chosen cause or charity and the other half helps keep the lights on at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Global Headquarters.
  2. We’re still backing the businesses which have always backed us. If you make a purchase from Company Brewing in Milwaukee or Glass Nickel Pizza between July 23 and July 29. Send some sort of proof of purchase to greg@wisconsinshardesttrivia.com and your team is registered.
  3. Pick a strong team name, and then build an even stronger team.
  4. Tune in Wednesday at 7pm on https://www.twitch.tv/wisconsinshardesttrivia and get your brain scrambled.

If you have any questions, reach out to nick@wisconsinshardesttrivia.com or me. 

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