Summer Heaters

I haven’t checked the weather for Milwaukee today, and y’all know I haven’t stepped outside since Thanksgiving, but I do hope Up & Under has the AC on full blast. And players, you’re going to need it. 

First off, let’s assume an ambient air temperature of 82 degrees tonight at 7pm. You’re also going to push that up by seven to nine degrees when you start feeling the heat of this weeks questions. They are just pure fire. Then you add two degrees for the decomposition and off-gassing of the Brady Street vomit and the bodies and lies buried below. WOOOF. I’m already sweating thinking about it. 

Finally, there’s the goddamned open flame that now threatens every team at trivia. You see, the team formerly known as When Life Gives You CthulhuLemons, Make CthulhuLemonade is not fucking around with their naming convention. Since the league began at Company Brewing they have been Rancid Sweatshirt Visions, I Toss Christian Dwarves, Anarchist Nerds Visit So. WI and Downstairs, It Rains Chives

Last night they show up, bananagrammaphone in hand, and snap off Ass Riders Visit Chinatown. And now we all have to deal with it. It hangs over the heads of everyone playing at Up & Under tonight. It’s like the Sword of Damocles but on fire–LIKE A FLAMING SWORD OF DAMOCLES. 

And frankly, that is just adding to the heat of Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia summer leagues this week. 

Fortunately, Celebrity Guest Host Andy Berg and Lewis, a man who single-handedly beat up an entire college acapella squad and then tossed them into Lake Michigan because he felt their version of In The Navy was some stolen valor bullshit, will be there to keep it cool. There will obviously be cold beers and mixers to beat that heat as well. And if you do well enough at Trivia, those frosty beverages might even be free. 

So get to the Up & Under tonight for your chance to win. The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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