Such Bravery!


I think we trivia players, maybe even all Americans, need to mark June 17th on our  calendars. The world needs to remember the day Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia players at Company Brewing started their summer league with not one Facebook clue to help them.

America has a national doughnut day, so certainly we can honor the players who so bravely walked into Company Brewing last night with nothing. I don’t even know if they run table service during trivia. The players last night were deep in the shit. If there were a documentary made about last night’s players and the show in general it would just be Apocalypse Now with Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick’s face layered over Marlon Brando’s Kurtz. And I’m talking just a static image of Nick’s face, with Brando’s voice still providing all the dialogue. Dave Coulier’s face would also be imposed on the cow that gets slaughtered.

Compare that to teams at the Up & Under tonight. They too are going into battle but they’re walking in with clues like The Great State of Oklahoma, Hinduism and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

We act like those are real clues, but we all know they are tips at best. Imagine you’re walking into an underground fight club, like in the movie Brad Pitt and the Underground Fight Club, and right before you’re about to get in the ring I show up and say “A few things to help out tonight. First, this is an empty spray bottle. You can put pretty much any liquid you want in it, but be sure you label it. Next, these are Certs. They were old people mints from the 1900s. Finally, Frankenstein was the Doctor, the monster’s name was Big Yoska. Okay, go get ‘em tiger.”

Lewis and Andy are leading the charge tonight at the Up & Under on Brady Street. The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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