Still Leaping!

Leap year day week rolls on!

I’m unsure how the rest of the Madison players are spending their holiday week, I assume we’ve all been out in these streets crushing King Cakes and going to that catholic church service where they rub ashes on your head and say “Look what you’ve done now. Are you happy with this whole situation?” 

I, on the other hand, have spent the better part of the week trying to figure out how bad of an idea a white hat is. A lot of players probably don’t remember this about me, but from the time I was four until I was ten-ish I wore a Gilligan-esque, naval gob hat. And since then I’ve spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours trying to find a hat as perfect.

Sure, I could just buy a new gob hat, but do you know the anxiety that comes with buying a white hat? I’ve worn enough white shirts in to know I’ve only got about eight minutes with a clean shirt on. Once, I was traveling to a wedding and spilled coffee and barbecue sauce on a shirt at the same time. You could put that on me for stopping at an Arby’s on the way, but that doesn’t justify the dude who jumped from the kitchen and stabbed me, thus giving my shirt a third stain strain.

Now just imagine me wearing a white hat. That thing would be covered in coffee, barbecue sauce and blood in no time. 

All that said, I’ll probably show up tonight wearing a grey knit cap–a beanie, or toque, if you prefer. If you want to see it in person, get to Glass Nickel Pizza tonight. You know there will be plenty of food and beers, all you have to do is be there. The show starts at 7pm. See you then.


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