Spooky Season Starts Now


Can you imagine the emotions running through the citizens of Milwaukee right now. Some people are shaking with anticipation, others are stress eating buckets of ice cream, and some, probably the Tunnelsnakes, are getting stoned only to fall asleep in the supply closet at their office. That’s just how fired up people should be to have Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia back in action at Company Brewing

You might be saying, “My man, it’s only been a week.” To which I ask, “Have you ever gone a week without joy? Do you know the feeling of experiencing excellence in trivia only to have it replaced by nothing? Do you know that feeling? Have you seen what lies beyond? Are you okay with nothing? Are you some poorly made puppet dog with weird eyes? Are you Gmork? Is that what you are? Gmork?” 


Anyway, Company Brewing has got you covered. They’re going to provide the food and drinks, while Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick carpet bombs the place with fifty questions. There will be all the classic categories and then a few bangers covering topics like the Detroit Red Wings of hockey, Treehouses of Horrors of the Simpsons and Horror Stories of Other Literatures. 

It’s sure to be a spooky good time for anyone who shows up. So put a team together and get yourself down to Company Brewing in Riverwest. The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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