Some Fools are Running Their Mouths

Coming in with a late one for all those Company Brewing players.

We are back at it tonight in just a couple hours which mean you need to study up on topics like Dolly Parton, Styles of Headwear and Lincoln During the Civil War.

Now maybe you’ve got that one player on your team who thinks they have this week all figured out. They’re over there talking about how they karaoke the hell out of Jolene. How they know the difference between a bowler and scuptop. How they know Lincoln created the log before the war began but wasn’t awarded the patent until after the battle at Fort Sumter and it just seemed uncouth to discuss toys when the country was at falling apart.

That person is full of lies. Karaoke isn’t a verb, scuptops are not hats and the civil war never happened. Sure, you can keep This liar on your team, but be wary of any answers they provide.

So get your whole team together, slip on your drinking chainmail and get down to Company Brewing we’re Nick is about to send it with 50 questions. The show starts at 7pm. See you there.

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