Shutting Down September

It’s Thursday night and there is pizza in the air. That means you must be in Madison, and if you’re ready to push yourself to the known limits of trivia knowledge, you’re in the right city.

Tonight, like every Thursday night, Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia takes over the basement of Glass Nickel Pizza on Atwood. Any one person or any team is welcome to go head to head with the greatest trivia teams in Madison. Sure, there are some filler teams, The Spoony Bards for example, that are just there to get beat, but every other team is really good. I’ll be there, sometimes in costume, other times in my everyday, early-to-mid-century french train conductor uniform. It’s always a good time and always open to everyone.

I suspect right now some players are screaming, SCREAMING, “Hey train-man-looking-trivia-man, WTF’s up with the Weekend in the Woods?”

Well, aggressive stranger, it is on. We’ve got Friday nighters. We’ve got Saturday nighters. We’ve full weekenders. And let me tell you this, we’ve got a month’s worth of beer and meats. I’ll be out there Friday afternoon getting a fire started and my very flashy tent pitched. Everyone is welcome at pretty much any time, but I’m told the pentathlon–beer darts, high point, mumbletypeg, pinfinger and a 50-meter dash–won’t start until about 9pm.

I’ll have a packing guide on the site tomorrow.

Until then, get yourselves to trivia tonight at Glass Nickel. Jake will be there and ready to pour you some of Lagunitas Brewing Co’s finest brews. I’ll be there to ask questions, and as always it’s starts at 7pm. See you there.

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