Trivia was on a wild one last night. If you don’t believe me just check these stats.

Laura Dern and High-Played Bass, a team that is no stranger to the top spot, only scraped together 36 points. While the peer-reviewed and accredited geniopedes on #1 Cat in America dropped a couple drink tickets and still found themselves just under the 40 point mark. Good Enough blasted through and found themselves solidly in the mid-40s with a crushing 43 points. Meanwhile, Clever Girl tossed up 51 points thinking that was enough, only to be topped by Neal of Fortune at the last minute. NOF scored 52.

Spoony Bards and the Quest For Pure Trivia Knowledge scored 73 points, but got bumped into third place when the H.H. Holmies dropped a heavy stack of 19 drink tickets, pushing their score to 74. On top for evening, even before they used 11 drink tickets, it was TV Dogs at 86 points.  

As for the league, Neal of Fortune holds on to the top spot with 13 points. HH Holmies and the Spoony Bards and the Quest for Pure Trivia Knowledge are at 11. Everyone else is somewhere behind them.

Rest up, enjoy the weekend and get ready for it all to start again next week at Company Brewing.


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