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Players, I woke up this morning to startling news. It’s news we knew was coming, as evidence of it has been in every Target and Neiman Marcus you walk through. But this morning it really hit home that consumerists and retail giants have successfully eliminated the fall season. We now go from the post Labor-Day tucking of the whites, wherein we used to spend the days swapping out our summer fits for cardigans and moleskin pants or a pleasantly heavier weight twill chino, directly to hanging stockings by the fire with care.

This doesn’t set well at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Global Headquarters, Rap Emporium and Exsanguination Station. And when word hit Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Institute of Carpetbaggery and Social Subversion. I nearly jumped right out of the coffin I am currently using as my seasonally themed sleep station when the elderly, who are to read to me my emails each morning, informed me of no less than six emails regarding rising prices and that the best Black Friday shopping starts right now.

Players, You know Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick is an autumnal creature. And you know covered in sweat is not my best look. And even Anjali, who many of you have never met in person, you know Anjali favors a midweight jacket. Dog, you can’t hang an AAAJ pin and carry an empty glass bottle, an old rag and about 12 ounces of gasoline while wearing a lightweight tee. Summertime is about tolerance, but fall is about versatility and readiness.

Plus, we need this season to break out trivia categories on death, dormancy and the coming winter. Or in the case of this week’s show, movie monsters.

So once you get your team together, and you’ve grabbed all your clutch Black Friday finds, get yourselves to Company Brewing in Riverwest for the Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia live show.

You won’t be able to get the Bent Stick Brewing Thank You, Next Double IPA, as they are an Alberta-based brewer and the pic comes to us from Bike Ripper and Super Scientist S. Koenig, PhD, who doesn’t even play trivia but lives in Alberta, but you can get so many other delightful libations.


The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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