Putting the Fire Inspector on High Alert

Company Brewing has got its work cut out for it tonight. First off, can the players possibly stack more than 71 people in the joint. That’s how many showed up last weekend. 71. That’s massive. And what about the CoBrewCrew, are they ready for another crowd like that tonight? That’s a lot of Space Whistle mosaic IPA to be pouring. And finally, is Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick able to handle a crowd that big? Does he have an intern who is there to help him? 


These are all questions that will be answered tonight with certainty. There are also 50 questions that will possibly be answered with various levels of certainty. But what else can we expect when we roll out questions on categories like 2019 NFL Starting Quarterbacks, Singapore and Building Materials


Having typed the words above, I have to be honest, I’m so happy the CoBrewCrew and Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick will be there tonight. I assume no one is coming for questions about Singapore or NFL Quarterbacks. Sure, we all know Singapore is where passion and possibilities meet. And what more is there to know about quarterbacks? It’s all touchies, audibles and fifth downs. But that Building Materials category, that one is a gem. I haven’t read those questions yet, but I assume every answer is wood. Or maybe Lincoln Logs


Anyway, we’ve got room for at least 75 at in the house tonight. If you’re ready to play, all you have to do is get your team together and show up at Company Brewing in Riverwest. The questions will be rapid fire, the competition will be intense and the beers will be cold. See you there. The show starts at seven, but I suggest getting there earlier. See you then.


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