New Players Welcomed, and Warned

Players, you know the day, the time and what is about to go down.

I like the idea that the previous statement prompted JB, or really any player who’s been in the mix for at least three weeks, to suddenly glance at their watch, chuckle to themself and think, “Some poor team is about to get wrecked tonight. Just imagine someone walking to Company Brewing with so much swagger. Shoulders held high to keep that full length rabbit fur coat from dragging on the floor. Sunglasses on the whole time. Diamond studded quellazaire loaded with a baby blue Export A.

You know that player takes a seat over off to the side. They’re going to use an additional table to lay out the jacket. And here’s the crazy part, this player, thinking they’re there to rename it Wisconsin’s Moderately Difficultist Trivia, they pull off the Watership Down piece and what are they wearing underneath? An oversized, rabbit fur jumper and contrasting but coordinating rabbit fur trousers. God damn. Team Leporidae came to get a sip from the firehose that is Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia. Friggin’ fools.”

And then JB just goes right back to work. But tonight JB and his whole team will be at Company Brewing in Riverwest. Pints of Space Whistle in their hands and ready for Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick to drop 50 killer questions on the place.

The show starts at 7pm. See you there.

Also, there are categories about rats and famous photographers tonight.


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