Netflix and Thaw, amirite?

OOOOO Milwaukee, you’re in it now baby. That February thaw is upon you. Now, how that coincides with the fact that Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Institute of Carpetbaggery and Mountain Bike Wheelie Practiceatorium was recently blanketed by 4 inches of snow is beyond me. I could go down the too-easy complaint trail about how there was just a touch of snow and the whole city shut down, blah blah blah, they don’t know how to handle winter here. Yes, they canceled school for 3 days on account of the snowfall. Yes, most coffee shops were closed. And yes, the parks department did tell people not to ride on the new, insanely amazing Turkey Mountain trails. But I think they got it right.

I will even go so far as to say, I think Wisconsin’s got it wrong. By all means, when the cold hits, go out and look at the wonder and beauty of a fogged-over Lake Michigan. Be amazed by the ice formations. Stop at Company Brewing, grab a couple cans of Milwaukee Record Re-Porter and let that spiced rye flavor warm you while you hop on that sled, rip down the hill by the water tower and use your friends as bowling pins.  But you should not be required to have any important plans for such days.

Likewise, when that February thaw hits, the city should declare a national holiday. Imagine how great it would be to have random days off in February because it’s thaw day in Milwaukee. Next week you’ll get three days off because of thaw day holidays in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, Pittsfield, Mass on Thursday, and Plattsburgh, New York on Friday. We’d all get some random day off in May because the midwinter thaw day finally hit Minneapolis.


Now, I know it’s too late to get Thaw Days on the 2022 calendars, but you can still relax a little. You can still grab one of those Milwaukee Record Re-Porters. I know I would if I could. And you’re more than welcome to come kick it with some friends at Company Brewing while you enjoy a session of Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia. We’ve got Wisconsin’s Hardest Cassie coming in as Wisconsin’ Hardest Sub tonight. Sure you’ve seen everything Nick has to offer. You know all his jokes by now. But Cassie is probably going to have so many new inside jokes for all you players.

Plus, she’s tossing out categories on Dinosaurs, the War of 1812 and New York City–a city so nice they just let Woody Allen live there like it’s nothing.

Anyway, the show starts at 7pm. Get your crew together and get yourself to Company Brewing for all sorts of just above freezing fun.


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