Madison Summer League is GO!

It’s a big day over here in Madison. Certainly one the city has been waiting for. It’s not “keys to the city” kind of big, but that might all change when people start seeing those summer league points stack up. 

Typically, this is where I would make a joke about Spoony Bards’ race to the bottom and my plan to hand out league prizes for Neal of Fortune before it all begins, but not this time. Trivia is about to get a 1906 San Francisco shake up and subsequent burn down. Neal of Fortune, who already took a series of hits when Caitlin, Alex and Gabe moved on, have been scrambling to rebuild. By the time this league wraps, they will also lose Weiss PhD and Soon-to-be-Weiss PhD. I kind of expect a OKC Thunder approach, which will see SNeal (the team’s namesake and Russell Westbrook analog in this scenario) traded to TV Dogs or something. 

You might think this opens up the podium for a few other teams, but the already mentioned TV Dogs are losing a couple players to Singapore (or some other place which I failed to commit to memory). #1 Cat in America is shuffling half their team to Oslo. NeilSimpsPhD, the belt that has held up Laura Dern and The High Waisted Shorts for so long, ships off to not-quite Seattle. Team Drink Tickets is losing Kyle and Kirsti to Minneapolis and Lara has already hopped on her horse and headed out, all ipsy pipsy, for Palo Alto. Like the Bay Area has never been impacted by a 1906 earthquake and subsequent fires. 

With all of these changes, you might think this is Spoony Bards’ time to shine, but I’m telling you it’s Clever Girl, Good Enough and then the return of Fuck The EFG. You can box those picks if you want, but there’s no need. 

To see how all this is going to play out, or maybe inject a new team– an unexpected variable, a rogue wave of trivia knowledge– you need to get to Glass Nickel tonight. There will be food, drinks and questions all night long. 

As always, we’ll be in the basement and the show starts at 7pm. See you there


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