Madison League Week 3

Whoa, errbody, just chill out. The Glass Nickel was busting at the seams last week. Another banger show of 40+ in the house.

This is great for a few reasons. First and foremost, it keeps the trivia dream alive. For that reason, thanks to everyone who came out. 40+ is also a great number for running scores up. I’m not a scientist, but honestly, scores seem to go up when more people are in the house. Correlation or Causation? Frankly, I don’t know, nor do I care. Finally, a huge crowd means higher league score for the winning teams.

Manatee Klaxon, the emerging powerhouse, strengthened their league standings with a first place win. They had 78 points for the night, took home first place and 11 more league points. Second place went to a team that isn’t necessarily a newcomer, but an occasionalist, Emmett Summer’s Garden. They racked up 65 points, second place and 8 league points. Third place initially went down as a tie between The Ill Formed Dildos and (W)anchor. Each team had 58 points, got 3rd place and league points. I have to give some special shine to the Ill Formed Dildos, for penetrating the top three (jokes!). It was a two-person team, consisting of snowboard folks—people not known for their intellectual prowess.

In the end, I screwed up the scoring and (W)anchor had earned 2 more points moving them into third place alone.

And so far the league score look like this:

  • Manatee Klaxon—32 points
  • (W)anchor—15
  • Purls of Fucking Wisdom—13
  • Fuck, This Shit—12
  • T.W.A.T.—9
  • Emmett Summer’s Garden—8
  • Velociraptors and the Ensuing Fucking Carnage—6
  • Ill Formed Dildos—6
  • Volunteer Cart—5
  • Laura Dern and the High Waisted Shorts—5
  • Jackie Chanswers—5
  • Do We Need to Have Fuck in Our Name?—2
  • Perpetual Snowden Machine—1
  • Nacho Libre—0

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