Madison, It’s Your Summer League Ender–THE RECAP

Neal of Fortune won the summer league in Madison. No one is shocked. There was never a time when they weren’t winning the summer league. There are even baby pictures of that team with John Travolta and Kirstie Alley voiceovers talking about how they were going to win the Summer 16 Trivia League from Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia in Madison, WI. And that’s really creepy. Fucking soothsaying babies.

I would say right behind them, but let’s be honest, there was quite a gap to cover, was The Usual Slutspects. They kept talking about riding mediocrity to the top and I don’t know if they succeeded. On one hand they, didn’t win with an overall score. On the second hand, they did do as well as a team could do and still be considered mediocre. On the the third hand, that name is an impressive piece of work.

Clever Girl, emerged from their chrysalis a beautiful new butterfly of a team. And in their new form they took home third place. Behind them was The Prodigals Return, who won the evening and somehow managed to place 4th in the league after only showing up for 4 shows. I tell you what, if this team had the commitment, they could go all the way to the top. I think they got the pizzaz, kid.

That Team I Fucking Hate, did quite well considering 50% of their answers were just drawings of dicks. Also, April from the team is moving the New York to pursue her PhD. Yay for her, but I expect percent of answer-dongs will now push up to at least 60%.

Moony, Wormtail Padfoot & Prongs, T.W.A.T. and the Cheese Stands With Another Cheese filled in the rest of the slots and The Dateless Nights of the Square Table held down last place. They also forced me to ask for the first time at trivia, “Are you even 18?” as I retracted my offering of cigarettes, erotic e-novels, voter registration papers, snuff, and Nick’s phone number.

We’re back at again next Thursday at 7pm in the basement of Glass Nickel Pizza. And Milwaukee, don’t fret, next week is your time to shine.

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