Long Time Comin’

Solstice, BABY!

There will be 18+ long hours of daylight today. Are you ready for that? And, this isn’t even a sacrificing holiday, this one is pure celebration. Brace yourselves, players.   

Now, to make it even more amazing, we’ve got Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick back at Company Brewing kicking off a vaxxed-to-the-max season of in-person trivia. Can you imagine it? Your main man WHNick back on the mic, tossing out trivia quizzes like a ninja does shuriken. Then you’ve got the CoBrewCrew slinging drinks. What’s it gonna be? A Poor Farm Pils? Or maybe you felt that chill in today’s air and you’ll opt to rip through one more Gang’s All Here DDH Hazy Double IPA before summer sets in with full force and the Milwaukee Style Lager becomes your only choice.  

And then there’s the friends. Holy crap. This is your chance to once again lock eyes with a random Scrambled Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch or Taints player, or ugh, a real-life Tunnel Snake. From across the trivia space, you see them, they see you. You both send looks that say, “We did it. We made it through the last 16 months of chaos and now we’re here, again. I respect you, but I’m also going to attempt to squish you and your whole ass team like a bug”.

I suspect it’s going to be amazing as hell. And if you want to get involved simply get a crew together, do a bit of research on the Obscure Museums Category and get yourselves to Company Brewing in Riverwest.

The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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