Like George Micheal Said, Lets Give it One More Try

There was a time when a crowd-sourced show would have us dealing with five or six team-made Bamboo Harvester categories. And maybe like one category about Chickens of the American South, or whatever. Halcyon days for sure.

Kjersti Says Jeremy is the Worst brought us Name That Foreign Body, a category of x-rays featuring things people have put in their bodies. This brought up the discussion on how you might get the 3.5mm jack end of ear buds up a urethra, and is that a large penis. Still conversation counts for nothing and they ended the night with 40 points. They were topped by Good Enough, who submitted no category, are clearly not big Janelle Monáe fans, and scored 45 points.

Clever Girl also forgot to submit a category but still cobbled together 56 points. They fell just short of Ain’t No Bardy Like a Spoony Bards Bardy who gave us the Famous Jakes category and scored 57 points.

Laura Dern and the Low-Slung Sofas came in hot with a US Geographical High Points category, and walked out with 67 points. They tied with TV DOGS who gave us a much maligned Soccer category. But it was Neal of Fortune, with their Bamboo Harvester of Sorrows of Young Werther questions who nabbed the top spot with 80 points.

Perhaps the craziest part of the last week’s crowd-sourced show was that team submitted enough questions to do this one more time. So tonight we’re back at. If you’ve got your questions in, thank you. If you’re sending them soon, please hurry. Or if you’re submitting nothing and just want to see what makes your fellow players tick, I suggest being at Glass Nickel Pizza tonight.

We’ll be the raucous crowd in the basement, and as always the show starts at 7pm.

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