Let The Winter League Begin

Madison, I hope all you players are relaxing today. These last few hours before the Winter League begins are not about learning more, it’s about getting your mind right. This is the classic dichotomy of the trivia mind, you want to be sharp, but not too sharp. That’s why some players are here, at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Global Headquarters, Rap Emporium and Curated Content Chopshop, attending out first ever Winter League Prep Course today.

Obviously, it’s too late to sign up for this session, but we’ll be running these all-day courses before the start of each league from here on out. For an exorbanate fee you’ll be given insight into the coming league and some tips for relaxing so hard. Imagine you’ve just shelled out, maybe like $350 (that’s a fair fee, right). I wave you into the office, but don’t really acknowledge you, I just direct you over to a line up of six folding chairs, and half-heartedly mention, “I think maybe one or two of those is or are broken.”

You’re welcome to help yourself to some coffee, but not the good coffee, the store brand roast. We’re not sure if it’s light or a dark roast, but looking into the bag it does seem that most of the beans have been heated. Anyway, no one will actually tell you about the coffee.

Then, you’ll get to listen to me argue with myself about the use Jewishness as a filter through which to watch the second season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, but also how the exaggerated expression of the culture robs an already unstable sophomoric effort of any terra firma, at best slowing the voyage through the series and at worst becoming a quicksand of questions that engulfs viewers in thoughts of “Is this a jewish joke?” “I am only uncomfortable with this because I am part of the goyim? Is it goy or goyim? Goyim on first occurrence and goy on subsequent?” Am I even allowed to say that? Shit, am I an anti-semite?”

Eventually, one of the interns will bring in a framed poster of Alex Trebek. Nick will stand behind it and answer questions through a crudely cut hole where Trebek’s canadian mouth was. In the end you’ll walk away thinking, “Tony Shalouber alles. Is that going to be a Bamboo Harvester.”

Anyway, sign-up for the next session starts soon.

Until then, get yourselves to Glass Nickel Pizza tonight. There will food and drinks and heavy league action. The show starts at 7pm and we’ll be in the basement. See you there.


Thanks to Caitlin S. for today’s image.


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