Let The Summer League Begin

I got a letter from the government the other day. I opened and read it. It said they were suckers, because they didn’t even know it was summer league time at Glass Nickel.

At least that’s what they’re claiming. Like they aren’t tracking these trivia posts, these written riot starters, these instagram instigations, these blogotov cocktails. Plus, every phone at every show is listening, except Janet’s from Team Drink Tickets because she’s still trying to get a signal on her Nokia 5110 with the vibrating battery pack and light up antenna she bought at the Fones World Xtreme, LLC kiosk in the mall. Blud, that phone isn’t even listening when she’s on a call.

Finally, I will tell you the Government knows Summer League starts tonight because the 100% real-deal Secret Service stopped by my house to talk the other day. I cracked–gave the agent the full answer sheet. He claimed these weren’t the answers he was after, but we know the truth.

Now, the last thing we need to discuss before tonight is this week’s clue about the Amazon series Patriot. Madison, we’ve already handled that round so it’s not happening again. Instead, we’ll toss in a category on Serena Williams. So we’ve got the Holy Roman Empire, The Dream Team and now. That’s a pretty legit night of trivia.

If you want to get in on the ground floor of the summer league, I recommend being in the basement of Glass Nickel tonight. The show starts at 7pm. See you then.  


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