Let the CoBrew League Roll On

Here we are standing at the starting line, waiting, twitching, knowing that at any minute another week of Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia is going to kick off. Picture the crew at Company Brewing polishing the last few glasses while someone else holds up a pint of Thousandfold Imperial Porter, into the sunlight where it immediately casts a shadow of pure darkness. Pupils enlarge, plants begin to die, demons begin to awaken, then the employee nods their head and says “That’s a dark-ass beer.”

But there is added pressure on the players this week. Not only because this is week two of the CoBrew summer league. And not only because Scrambled Eggs smoked everyone else last week. But they all know a new high bar has been set when it comes to naming at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia.

Sure, Rancid Sweatshirt Visions finished with a penalty-assisted third place, but that name has made them a champion in the hearts of everyone here at Trunch Lake. We got a real Torchwood/Doctor Who thing going on here.

So tonight, we get to see if anyone can come up with a better name and how well the substandardly named teams can do with categories like North American Song Birds, Rich Nixon and Statistical Analysis of the 2018/19 NBA season. Now if those aren’t categories that can woo one, siren-like, towards the rocky shores of Riverwest, I don’t know what are. The show starts tonight at 7pm. See you there.  


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