Let the 2020s begin!

Madison players, IT IS TIME! We are 100% ready to kick off 2×20 the right way. The Trivia way. We’re talking about a Milwaukee Bucks category. We’re talking about a Ron Swanson category. We are talking about a category on Z Nation

I don’t even know what Z Nation is, but we’ve got a category on it. Not that anyone should be surprised by such a move. We’ve had entire categories on Barack HUSSEIN Obama I have no clue what song that dude sings. And I know waaaaay too much about True Blood and we’ve only had like two categories on that magnificent show. 

Anyway, trivia is on tonight. We’ll be in the basement of Glass Nickel Pizza. There will be food and drinks for all. Jake will be there. I suspect Neal of Fortune will be there. Maybe I’ll tell you a story about the insanity that is my family during the christian holiday of Christmas. All you have to do is get your team together and get to the basement by 7pm. See you there.


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