Leap Year Day Week

Check this update. Now check your calendar. Now check this update again. And back to the calendar. And now back to this update. 

I suspect most of you are sitting at your computers and thinking, “Damn, doggie. It’s leap year time. You know those ice cold MFers at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia are going to be real crazy this week.” 

And you’re partially correct. Will I, as I do every leap year, go out and spray paint penises on billboards around town that feature bank employees or models hired to be bank employees for a day? Of course. 

And will Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick again get hella stoned then call me talking about how we should skip leap year day and just give everyone a few extra hours each year. Because, as he says, “Blud, imagine if you could just get like six extra hours of sleep tonight. That’s way better than needing to remember to adjust the date dial on your Timex. Or what are you wearing, an Armitron? A Casio?” 

But before we get to any of that, we’ve got a full week of trivia to get through and it starts tonight at Company Brewing. Nick will be coming at you with a full rack of 50 questions. You know he’s got a category on the TV show Outlander. Then he’ll also tell you a little something about Geena Davis. And in giving the people exactly what they want, we’ve got a category on bees

Y’all remember bees, right?

For the sake of your trivia scores, I hope so. The show pops off tonight at Company Brewing in Riverwest. So get your team together and head on over. The show starts at 7pm. See you there.

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